Valve Grinding Globe, Control and Safety Valves with Flat or Angled Seats

Model D - Suitable for valves with flat and angle seats ø 50 - 800mm (2” - 32”)

This machine is mounted to the valve body using a unique three segments, adjustable, self centering jaw chuck, allowing a quick and accurate set up whether in the workshop or on site. Available with electric or pneumatic drive, the Model DF/DG valve grinding machine system can be supplied as a standard kit or customized to suit your exact requirements.

  • Ideal for globe, control and safety valves with flat or angled seats
  • Absolutely flat sealing surface
  • Individually driven grinding heads
  • Air drive unit as standard 6 – 7 bar
  • Variable grinding speed on all drive units
  • Fine adjustment of pressure for precise grinding of surface
  • Self-adhesive grinding discs for quick attachment to the grinding heads
  • Supplied with rough, medium and fine grinding discs
  • Heavy duty carrying/storage case for the complete machine with all the necessary accessories
  • Cone segments in different angles available
  • Self-adhesive grinding discs 40 to 1000 grit are available
  • Diamond grinding discs available

grinding flat or angled seats

Model D base unit comes in two sizes:

Model DF
Internal diameter A: 40 - 300 mm
External diameter D: 80 - 357 mm
Maximum depth C: 500 mm

Model DG
Internal diameter A: 140 - 861 mm
External diameter D: 150 - 871 mm
Maximum depth C: 1000 mm

Total weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Carrying case: 950 x 520 x 370 mm (38” x 21” x 15”)

grinding range for flat or angled seats

Accessories for Model DF
K-AB kit 10-65m m ( 1 /4"-2 1 /2") 15-30-45° Only for electric version
K-AB kit 10-65mm (1 /4"-2 1 /2") 15-20-30-37,5-45° Only for electric version
K-B kit 8-100mm (1/4"-4") Only for electric version
Conical seat segment kit 65-200mm (2 1/2"-8") 15-30-45°   
Conical seat segment kit 65-200mm (2 1 /2"-8") 15-20-30-37,5-45°
Conical seat segment kit 65-300mm (2 1/2"-12") 15-30-45°
Conical seat segment kit 65-300mm (2 1/2"-12") 15-20-30-37,5-45° 
Dust stopper kit 65-200 (2 1 /2"-8")
'Dust stopper kit 250-300mm (10"-12")
Drillpress adaptor DF
Grinding disc kit FL
Accessories for Model DG
Drillpress adaptor 
Grinding disc kit G