Toolroom adjustable magnetic chuck

The strong magnetic chuck is heavy duty with simple on/off activation. Magnet is mounted on high quality ball and socket joint, which can be easily positioned and locked. With this combination (strong magnet, ball and socket joint) the unit is very versatile for operating on various components.

Product code Work area diameter Clamping power Weight
PM 100M 100mm 80N/cm2 3,0kg
PM 130M 130mm 80N/cm2 6,0kg
PM 160M 160mm 80N/cm2 8,5kg

Benefits of our positioning magnet:

  • Low weight due to the efficient magnet used.
  • Ball joint positioning allows stable processing of clamped workpiece.
  • High stability.
  • Positioning magnet can be clamped on work table by using manual clamps.

Illustration of clamping of the forming insert on positioning magnet with 100mm diameter. Weight of the insert is 8,3kg, dimensions – 140x160x60mm.

Illustration of forming insert clamping. With insert clamped like this you can easily manipulate the component because of the positioning magnet. Weight of the port is 3,5kg, dimensions 30 x 900 x 225 mm

Outstanding multifunction vice, the jaws are equipped with non-slip covers, which prevent damage of the tender parts during clamping. Vice can be perfectly manipulated due to its quality ball and socket joint, which can be simply positioned and locked.

Product code Max.axle base Chuch jaw width Chuck jaw hight Weight
PS 0075M 70mm 80mm 19mm 3.5kg

Benefits of our positioning vice:

  • Useful for clamping many types of material (magnetic, nonmagnetic, aluminium, metal, wood etc.)
  • Very effective pin ball position allows even stronger processing of clamped workpiece.
  • High stability.

Illustration of aluminium profile clamping, here we see how clamped ball joint can hold very long and heavy part. Weight 6kg, dimensions – 50x100x1170mm. Other stiffness system illustration:

Dimensions Ø44x500mm, Weight 6,2kg

Dimensions Ø30x450mm, Weight 3,3kg