Air Driven Rotus System

rotus air grinder

This high performance air motor with minimal power loss from load fluctuation has excellent performance in its grinding stability. Moreover, the motor with minimal air consumption runs quietly and the energy-saving mechanism makes it possible to operate with a 0.75KW (1 hp) air compressor.

rotus handpiece

  • Lightweight and compact design. 130 g (w/o hose)
  • 17 types of attachments for all types of applications.
  • ON/OFF, FWD./REV. Rotation Direction and Motor Speed can be controlled only by the Ring Switch. Foot controller is available : used as an ON/OFF switch as well as a variable speed control.
  • Air cooling system generates no heat for continuous operation.
  • By attaching the silencer to the end of the exhaust air tubing, the motor is operated extremely quiet.
  • Twist-Free Joint mechanism is installed in IM-301 to solve the problem of hose twisting.

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Product (Size mm) Description Specification Model Code
ROTUS AIR MOTOR (with Twist-Free Joint Mechanism) ROTUS AIR MOTOR
(with Twist-Free Joint Mechanism)
Air Motor with 360° Twist-Free Joint Mechanism.
Adapted Twist-Free Joint mechanism between the motor and the hose solves the problem of hose twisting.
Weight : 130 g
3,000 ~ 30,000 min-1
IM-301 340217
(with Chip Air Mechanism)
Air Motor IM-300 with Chip Air mechanism blows away the
cutting dust with clean air coming through the top end of the
attachment. The hand-held cutting work remains cool by the chip air allowing comfort through out the working process.
Weight : 130 g
3,000 ~ 30,000 min-1
This is only with the attachment IH-300.
IM-300 340218
RING TYPE ATTACHMENT RING TYPE ATTACHMENT High precision and high reliability is realised by micron
precision. Slim, lightweight design allows for fine finishing of delicate parts. One-touch ring type bur replacement.
40,000 min-1 Max. (*1) 40,000 min-1 Max. (*2)
IR-310 339937
(Pencil-Type Polisher)
Due to pencil type grip, it is the most suitable for polishing narrow groove, details, etc. Reciprocating Stroke (Variable) : 0~7,600 times/min. Mountable tool : Max. shaft diameter ø3.2 mm, Screw clamp type.
Weight : 130 g
35,000 min-1 Max. (*1) 30,000 min-1 Max. (*2)
ML-8 Stroke (0.8mm) 340252
AIR LINE KIT AIR LINE KIT Ensures a smooth operation and long life by supplying stable, conditioned air to the air motor. Three functions : air filter,
regulator, mist lubricator can also be used to adjust motor speed. Weight : 2.2 kg Filter Mesh : 5 μm
AL-H1207F 340216
SILENCER SILENCER By attaching the silencer at the end of exhaust air
tubing, the operation noise is extremely reduced.
K-209 340488
FOOT CONTROL FOOT CONTROL Designed to depress from any direction.
Fine adjustment of speed control is possible.
AFC-45 340214

Rotus Standard Set

Select from a variety of attachments depending on the application.

  • Air Grinder (IM-301+IR-310) : 1 pc.
  • Chuck Collet ø3.0, ø2.35mm
  • Air Line Kit (AL-H1207F) : 1 pc.
  • Foot Control (AFC-45) : 1 pc.
  • Accessories : Piping Hose · 2 m (K-275) : 1 pc., Lubricating Oil (K-211) : 1 pc.
  • Pin Spanner (K-233) : 2 pc.
  • Spanner (7x5.1) : 1 pc.
  • L Shaped Spanner : 1 pc

The new ring type IR-310 is a standard attachment for ROTUS standard set R301-IR.

rotus setup drawing