AbraDisc, AbraCap & Abrastrip



Available in diameters 25, 50, 75mm, grits 60, 120, 180.

The integral, self-adhesive backing enables used discs to be readily replaced on to the appropriate rubber holders, facilitates continuous and sustained use. Most types of hand tools and flexible shaft units can be used as driving equipment. Abrasive strip materials, incorporating similar features to the discs, are also available.



The "Abracap" Abrasive Caps and the flexible Rubber Holders are novel tools for fine grinding and polishing of all metals. Whenever rigid grinding is unsatisfactory "Abracaps" fulfill their purpose. The Abrasive Caps are manufactured without a seam and are covered with several layers of grit. They can be used up to the last particle. "Abracaps" are available in two grit sizes (coarse and fine). The caps are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The unique Abradisc holders ensure flexibility.



Self adhesive strips on aluminium oxide bonded to cloth. Available from 6" length to 30" length by 1" to 6" wide