Heavy-Duty Cabinet Turntable Cleaning System

The Typhoon®-HD is ideally suited for manufacturing and maintenance applications involving chip and coolant removal, de-oiling, phosphating, rust proofing, rust stripping, paint stripping, degreasing, dirt and carbon removal, rinsing and drying. An aqueous-based cabinet-style turntable spray washer designed for single- or multi-stage cleaning processes, its proven design and durable construction make the Typhoon®-HD virtually maintenance free. Kemet offers you the industry’s most complete line of turntable washers with 7290 different configurations and 43 pre-engineered optional features. What’s more, we can deliver your tailor-made system with the fastest lead time in the industry. And of course, all washers are factory tested to provide the greatest advantage of all: peace of mind.

Heavy-Duty  Cleaning System

The vast array of features built into the Typhoon®-HD make it the cleaning system of choice. Single- or multi-stage cleaning technology combines pressure, heat and aqueous-based solutions to clean your parts to spec within minutes.

Pre-Engineered Optional Features

  • Recirculating Second Stage - Comes complete with separate tank, circulation pump, spray manifold, heating elements, cycle timer and pneumatic diverter. Can be used for rinsing, rust inhibiting or multistage chemical processes.
  • Automatic Sludge Removal & Grease Skim Conveyor - Automatically scrapes sludge from the tank bottom and skims floating grease from the solution surface on its return loop.
  • Fixed Turntables - With 2 Guillotine Doors Fixed turntable washer equipped with vertically sliding doors at either end for flow-through operations.
  • Pit Installation - Turntable is located at floor level for roll-in and roll-out of parts racks.
  • Spray Manifolds - Oscillating Center Nozzle Pipe Cleans the inside of cylindrical surfaces. The safety plate retracts the nozzle pipe in case of collision with parts.
  • Fixed Center Nozzle Pipe - Cleans the inside of pots, totes and drums placed upside down on the turntable.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Turntable - For loads of 10,000 to 20,000 lbs.
  • 3-Tier Turntable - Simultaneously cleans 3 layers of parts.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Turntables - Rotate parts around vertical and horizontal axes.
  • Parts Baskets - Ensure easy loading and proper positioning of parts on the turntable. Made of steel wire mesh; available in various sizes.
  • Special Fixture - Optimally positions tubular parts for cleaning and phosphating of inside diameters.
  • Special Fixture - Supports bearing components for best spray exposure.
Additional recirculating rinse stages Enhanced process quality and flexibility
Freshwater rinse/rust inhibitor Low-budget rinse and rust protection
Chemical concentration maintenance Uniform cleaning results
Increased pump capacity Enhanced cleaning power, shorter cleaning cycles
Pressure/flow control valve & gauge Reduced spray impact for lightweight/delicate parts
Full-flow bag or cartridge-type filters Higher precision cleaning & extended solution life
Sludge removal conveyor Reduced chemical use & extended solution life
Oil coalescing unit or oil skimmer
Center nozzle pipes, fixed or oscillating Effective inside cleaning of hollow shapes
Swing-down nozzle pipe Effective cleaning of high & low parts loads
Blow-off, plant air or regenerative, ambient or heated Faster parts drying
Exhaust blower No emissions into work environment
Tank pump-out package Reduces downtime during solution change
Gas or steam heating To suit customer’s energy source
7-day timer to program heating cycles Saves energy during off-shifts and weekends
Automatic solution level control Maintains machine in optimal operating condition
High-level alarm package Prevents solution spillage
Programmable logic controller Facilitates process programming and diagnostics
Power operated swing-out door Prevents back injury to operators (swing-out turntable only)
Side access door Facilitates inspection of nozzle orientation
Double doors, hinged or sliding Permits through-feed parts handling (fixed turntable only)
Loading boom Machine loading independent of building crane
Parts racks, baskets, fixtures Optimal spray exposure and fast loading
Sound enclosure Maintains healthy work environment
Stainless steel construction For long life, chemical resistance and appearance

Cleaning of Railway Bearings - Case Study

Customer: Railroad operator
Workpiece: Used railway bearings
Application: Cleaning after disassembly
Production: 30 bearings per hour
Cleanliness: Visually free of solid and liquid contaminants

Cleaning of Railway Bearings

  • Recirculating wash-stage pump saves water and energy
  • Freshwater rinse removes detergent residues and applies a rust inhibitor for corrosion protection.
  • Large-capacity solution tank reduces solution foaming, increases time between solution changes, and leaves more time for suspended dirt to settle
  • High-pressure wash pump effective removal of grease and dirt
  • Oscillating power blast manifold improves workpiece coverage
  • Sludge conveyor and grease skimmer combined system removes floating oils from the tank and solid contaminants from the bottom of the tank
  • Exhaust blower removes vapor from the cabinet prior to door opening and discharges it into the atmosphere
  • Swing-out cabinet door for easy load/unload of bearing rack
  • 7-day heating timer conserves energy
  • Part rack supports bearing components for processing
  • Services with single-point connections for faster and simpler installation

Cleaning Forged Components - Case Study

Customer: Manufacturer of decorative forged lighting fixtures
Workpiece: Steel components of various sizes and shapes loaded in baskets
Application: Cleaning prior to welding or painting
Cleanliness: Free of welding slag, dust, and surface rust

  • 6-stage process
    1. Recirculating, heated alkaline wash
    2. Freshwater rinse to drain
    3. Recirculating, heated mild acid etch
    4. Recirculating, heated alkaline neutralizer
    5. Freshwater rinse to drain
    6. Recirculating heated sealing rinse
  • Stage 1 - Recirculated wash, 450 USgal/min @ 70 psi (Reach every part surface to effectively remove and flush away oxides and scales)
  • Stage 3,4 & 6 - Recirculated solution, 115 USgal/min @ 60 (Reach every part surface and effectively remove residues and previously applied solution)
  • Two cabinet doors allows fast reload of the system for an optimal batch- run/day
  • PLC with HMI - Automatic control of the process, programmable cycle times, system diagnostics and, status warnings
  • Thermal insulation on tanks, floor in cabinet, and 7-day heating program - Energy conservation

Cleaning Forged Components