Spinner Hanger Wet Blasting Machine

Slurry blasting technology, also known as wet blasting, provides the ultimate parts cleaning performance within minutes. The system's innovative design uses a blast wheel to accelerate and discharge the abrasive slurry at high velocity and in a controlled pattern to mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oils, and grease from metal part surfaces. It can be applied safely to all types of metals and is excellent for use on aluminum and other white metal components. The abrasive slurry is composed of abrasive media combined with a hot water-based alkali cleaning solution to provide a very clean and smooth finished surface ready for coating, painting, or remanufacturing operations.

Spinner Hanger Wet Blasting Machine

The Spinner Hanger wet Blaster is designed to automatically process a single large part or batches of parts of various sizes loaded on a custom-design holding fixture. A hook rotates and reciprocates the loaded part/fixture back and forth to expose all surfaces to the cleaning solution and accelerated abrasive slurry.

The combination of rotation and oscillation in front of the wet blast pattern provides even and complete coverage of geometrically complex components. A programmable controller monitors the process and allows for selection of pre-programmed cycle times depending on the parts to be cleaned.

Standard Features

  • Wash, wet blasting, and rinse stages
  • Straight manual monorail system
  • Simultaneous rotating and horizontal reciprocating hook movement
  • Roof-mounted variable-speed spinner with dual pneumatic tire friction drive
  • Fully welded cabinet made from sturdy carbon-steel plating
  • Replaceable wear plates inside the blasting cabinet and wheel enclosure
  • Insulated tank and cabinet walls
  • 2 (two), direct-driven bi-directional blast wheels
  • Blast wheel speed controlled by variable frequency drives
  • PLC and HMI for programmable processes, machine status and fault warnings
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Two-panel manually operated hinged cabinet door
  • Labyrinth door seals
  • Automatic sludge conveyor
  • Electric immersion heater
  • Stainless-steel centrifugal pump
  • Low abrasive level indicator
  • Automatic solution level control
  • Low solution level heating system protection
  • Bag filter for solution
  • 1 (one) custom-design parts holding fixture to optimize parts cleaning results
System Specification Standard Multi-Stage Wash / wet Blasting / Rinse - SHWB 28 x 36-E
Blasting chamber 1
Maximum workpiece load capacity per hook 500 lbs
Maximum work diameter 28”
Maximum work height 48”
Abrasive load 500 lbs
Hook rotation variable speed 1 – 4 RPM
Hook oscillation speed & stroke Approx. 2 FPM, 6’’ stroke
Wet blasting wheels Two (2) 13.5’’ dia.
Wet blasting wheel motor 20 hp – 3600 rpm per wheel
Main solution tank capacity 500 USgal
Main pump capacity 115 USgal/min
Operating pressure 70 psi
Operating temperature 140°F max.
Machine dimensions W x L x H* 10’ x 14’3’’ x 11’6’’

* For standard wet blasting system. Dimensions vary for systems with Y-track configuration or options.


  • Y-track configuration manual monorail
  • Exhaust blower
  • Exhaust demister
  • Drip pan
  • Automatic oil coalescer
  • Tank access door
  • Electric powered hoist


  • No dust – No need for a dust collector
  • Does not require pre- and post-cleaning processes
  • Fast cycle time
  • Closed-loop process – both detergent and media are recycled
  • Does not require compressed air for blast motive force
  • Very clean and dust-free part surfaces
  • Can process wet, oily, and greasy parts

before and after wet blasting

Part surfaces are free of scale, oil, grease, and rust without any residue normally left by conventional blasting processes.

Cleaning Process

Wash Cycle

wash cycle

Wet Blasting

wet blasting

Rinse Cycle

rinse cycle