Spray washers for cleaning Landing Gears and other Aircraft components

Vertical Reciprocating Spray Manifold to Clean Large Landing Gear

Cleaning and removing oil and grease from new and large landing gear of different types and sizes for commercial jets prior to heat treatment, paint, plating and assembly.

  • Environmentally friendly - no solvents; Bio-degradable commercial detergents only.
  • Re-circulating principle - water-based cleaning solutions conserve energy, detergent and water.
  • Power spray principle - produces high-quality and rapid cleaning.
  • Low chemical cost - 5% detergent in water.
  • Low energy cost - spray cabinet and tanks fully insulated, programmable heating system.

Features & Benefits

  • 5-stage process
    • Recirculating, heated alkaline wash
    • Recirculating, heated pre-rinse
    • Recirculating, heated rinse
    • Recirculating, heated RO final rinse – Not in use. Available if required
    • High-impact blow-off
    • Exhaust
  • Reciprocating center nozzle pipe, oscillates up and down to clean and dry inside surfaces of the main bore
  • Reciprocating exterior spray manifold, oscillates up and down to clean all exterior surfaces of the landing gear
  • Retractable operator platform and staircase allows the operator to guide landing gear during loading/unloading in the holding fixture
  • Holding fixture designed to accept different types of landing gear

Reciprocating Spray washer

cleaning large landing gears

Turntable washer for new and used Landing Gear components

Cleaning of new (after machining) and used (prior to inspection) Landing gear components.

Features & Benefits

  • 2-stage process
    • Alkali wash
    • Water rinse with rust inhibitor
  • Multiple spray manifolds for cleaning exterior of parts as well as interior of tubular shapes
  • PLC controls allow for multiple cleaning programs and quick diagnostics
  • Large solution tank extends tank life, reduces number of tank clean-outs and prevents foaming
  • Zero-discharge process
  • Re-circulating principle
  • Thermal insulation of machine and 7-day heating program

turntable washer for landing gears