Automatic Hot Mounting Presses

After cutting the specimen, the next step is mounting. The aim of mounting is to handle small or odd shaped specimens and to protect fragile materials, thin layers or coating during preparation as well as to provide good edge retention. Mounting produces specimens with uniform size so that it is easier to handle in automatic holders for further preparation steps. In hot mounting, the specimen is mounted under heat and pressure with a hot mounting press.

All ECOPRESS models have electrohydraulic operation which does not require air. The sample is ejected fast and very smoothly. All hydraulic components are housed in a GRP glass reinforced plastic cabinet which is ergonomically designed.

ecopress 200 mounting press

ECOPRESS 102/202 have preprogrammed moulding sequences built-in (factory set) from which you can choose according to your own applications. You only need to place the sample in the mould, select the program number for your specific application and depress the “Start” button. That’s it! ECOPRESS does the rest for you! After pressing the start key, the fully automatic program sequence is executed with the preselected parameters. The pressure, heating and cooling are automatically controlled and the total cycle time of a complete cool mount takes 7 to 9 minutes. The parameters can be changed and adjusted during the mounting process.

ECOPRESS 102/202 have additional capacity to store up to 99 operator-created programs. User-friendly program data and instructions are displayed on a large touch screen LCD.

ecopress features

Easy Access
Bayonet Closure
Programmable HMI Touch Screen
Mould cover

ECOPRESS 52 is a cost effective automatic digital mounting press with hydraulic pressure (requires no air). It is fully automatic and suitable for all current hot mounting materials used in materialography. User friendly touch - pad controls for mounting parameters provides high productivity with last parameter settings being retained in the memory.

Ecopress Specifications

Number of moulds 1 1 2
Max Pressure, (bar) 300 300 300
Max. Temprature, ( 0C ) 200 200 200
Heating Power, (W) 1650 1650 2 x 1650
Water cooling Yes Yes Yes
Operation Automatic / Electrohydraulic Automatic / Electrohydraulic Automatic / Electrohydraulic
Display Digital Display 7' HMI touch screen LCD 7' HMI touch screen LCD
Mould Assembly, (mm) 25-50 25-50 25-50
Size W x D x H, (cm) 36 x 55 x 48 36x 55x 48 49 x 55 x 48
Weight, (kg) 37 38 54

ecopress 50 mounting press

ECOPRESS 52 is an easy to use automatic hot mounting press with one cylinder. It has HMI touch screen controls. Robust bayonet closure allows for quick and safe operation. ECOPRESS offers a wide selection of mould assemblies from 25 to 50mm in diameter.

Accessories for ECOPRESS

Mould Assemblies

Mould Assemblies

26 01-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 02-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 03-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 04-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 05-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 06-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 07-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202
26 08-02 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202

Recirculating Coolant System

Recirculating Coolant System for ecopress

GR 1363 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202

Cabinet for floor model

Cabinet for ecopress

GR 0937 For ECOPRESS 52/102/202