Stereo microscopes, also known as low magnification and dissecting microscopes have 'Pair of Angled Objectives' each objective connects to its own eyepiece giving a ‘3D’ or ‘Stereo’ view of the subject.

Fluorescence microscopes are designed for use in laboratories undertaking routine fluorescence microscopy such as hospitals and universities.

Student microscopes value range of robust, high quality, economical biological microscopes for universities, colleges and schools.

Polarising microscopes are for observation of all types of transmitted light polarised specimens such as thin sections of minerals, polymers, crystals and particulates.

Experience another dimension in stereomicroscopy with the high performance stereomicroscopes from Leica. Offering up to 20.5:1 zoom

Upridght Materials Microscopes for Routine, Research and Semiconductor Materials.

Inverted Trinocular Reflected Light Metallurgical Microscopes for Routine, Research and Semiconductor Materials.

Portable, inexpensive, high quality microscope with precision optics which is perfect for field, class room and laboratory study. Simple to use, ultra-compact and capable of delivering instant results.