Universal Lapping Oil

lapping oil

Lubrication is necessary for a smooth running condition between the lap plate and conditioning rings and to help evenly disperse the abrasive product on the lap plate. Lapping vehicle used with any abrasive powder should be properly matched in order to give the best cutting action possible, maintain even dispersion of abrasive throughout the lapping surface, and produce uniform finishes. The proper lapping vehicle in conjunction with the right abrasive will reduce lapping time and reduce the amount of slurry needed to complete the job.

Kemet offer Lapping Oil in 5 Litres, 25 Litres or 205 Litre containers

Description Unit Code
Universal Lapping Oil 5 litres 361516
Universal Lapping Oil 25 Litres 361517
Universal Lapping Oil 205 Litres 361498

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