Dispensing Systems for Lapping Machines

Electronic Dispenser

The Kemet Electronic Dispenser distributes Kemet Liquid Diamond and Lubricating Fluid by means of touch sensitive settings. The digital display shows dispensing intervals, durations and air pressure at a glance. Dispensing is achieved to an accuracy of 0.2 gm, eliminating wastage and simplifying cost control.

The Kemet Liquid Diamond Stirrer Unit maintains a consistent distribution of diamond particles within the slurry by using a small non-contaminant plastic coated paddle magnet, which ensures even diamond suspension. The Kemet Dual Dispensing Bar can be positioned to dispense Liquid Diamond and Lubricating Fluid accurately on to the plate without spray bounce.

  • Supplied as standard with Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Machines and Plates
  • Easily fitted to existing conventional Flat Lapping Machines to improve productivity
  • Fully controlled metering of Kemet Liquid Diamond and Lubricating Fluid using independent pressure and time settings
  • Easy to install and operate

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lapping machine Stirrer

Quiet electric unit has fully vaiable speed control and is provided witha magnetic stirrer paddle

Dual Dispensing bars

Dual Dispensing bars

Supplied complete with 2 bottles and plastic tubing. Fully adjustable head for vertical and radial positioning. Length 340mm or 495mm

Single spray head

Single spray head

Supplied with bottle cap and plastic tubing. length 130mm, 250mm or 380mm