Kemet Machine Accessories

Akudisp Peristaltic Dispenser

The AkuDisp is a peristaltic Dispenser designed to work with Forcipol and Kemet lapping machines. It incorporates a stirrer and has a programmable timer which is preset with 10 second time intervals and will pump for 2 seconds. A separate purge button will return any solution in the pipework and sprayhead to the receptable.

THe AKuDisp can be programmed to pump slurries for specific durations and frequencies enabling metered dispensing. This allows a user to acuurately control consumable usage.

When integrated onto a Kemet machine, the AkuDisp will start and stop with the host machine timer. This meands an operator can leave a machine to concentrate on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that the AkuDsp will switch off unattended

peristaltic dispenser

Specimen Holding Fixtures

A wide range of Holding Fixtures are available for the Kemet Polishing Machine. Most shapes of specimen can be accommodated.

specimen holding fixtures

Mounting methods for Polishing pads

Kemet have a variety of mounting methods suitable for all types of grinding and polishing consumables.

Lapping Plates for Metallography

Kemet Lift off Plates are available to fit most Metallographic Preparation Machines. These plates hold diamond particles firmly, ensuring both efficient stock removal and repetitive component surface finish. Very good for planer surfaces and edge retention. They have ductile qualities which cushion the diamond particles, preventing damage to the workpiece. Produced in varying hardness values so that even the softest material can, without impregnation, be safely lapped with diamond particles. Lapping plates available.

diamond compound stick

Automatic Liquid Diamond Dispensing Systems

  • Can be easily fitted to upgrade conventional metallographic machines to improve productivity.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Electrical System complies with EN60 204.
  • Fully controlled metering of Kemet Liquid Diamond and Lubricating Fluid using independent pressure and time settings.
automatic dispensing system