Chemical Mechanical Polishing Machine (CMP)

The KemCol 15 machine is ideal for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), and Cerium Oxide based polishing applications. The machine is based on the popular Kemet 15 lapping and polishing machine, but incorporates stainless steel elements in place of painted components for longer life, and contamination free polishing. It comes as standard with an integrated Kemet AkuDisp fully programmable peristaltic pump system, and either ceramic faced, or stainless steel conditioning rings. The Kemcol 15 system was initially developed as a super finishing process for the medical sector, but is also now used within the injection-moulding tool polishing industry, Sapphire polishing and many others. It is able to produce a scratch free mirror surface on Cobalt Chromes, Stainless Steels, Titanium and many other materials.

cmp polishing machine

Special Features:

  • Stainless Steel worktable surrounding polishing pad
  • Polished Stainless Steel yokes for easier cleaning
  • Stainless Steel drive plate
  • Aluminium lift off disc system optional
  • Ceramic faced or stainless steel conditioning rings for contamination free polishing
  • AkuDisp fully programmable peristaltic pump unit fitted as standard
  • Suitable for Kemet magnetic polishing pad system for easy pad change


Recommended Accessories & Consumables for the KemCol 15

Description Code
Set of 3 Ceramic Faced Conditioning Rings 361522
Stainless Steel Plastic Faced Conditioning Rings 362757
380 mm Stainless Steel Support Plate (For Polishing Pads) 362033
380 mm Aluminium Lift Off Disc 361001
380 mm Aluminium Drive Plate 361002
380 mm Thin Metal Disc (For use with magnetic system) 342563
380 mm Magnetic Disc 345773
CMP Slurry 5 litres 10 litres 20 litres
Col-K 600212 600238 600204
Col-K (NC) 600199 600239 600202
CMP polishing slurry
Recommended Consumables Code
380 mm CHEM-H Polyurethane Polishing Pad 341865
380 mm PSU-M Chemo-Textile Cloth for Cerium 341011
380 mm MRE Short Napped Final Polishing Pad 341715

CMP Process Case Study

Test Requirements:To produce best finish on Aluminium samples leaving no abrasive particles in the samples.
Component/Material: 4 off ½” x 2” Aluminium strips

Stage 1

Machine Type: Kemet 15 Lapping/Polishing machine
Lap Plate: Cast Iron
Abrasive Type/Grade: Kemox O-800S Aluminium oxide premixed slurry

Stage 2

Machine Type: KemCol 15 Machine
Lap Plate: MRE short nap cloth
Abrasive Type/Grade: Col-K (NC) CMP slurry

Process Breakdown
Stage Plate/cloth type Abrasive type/grade Process time
Lap Cast Iron Kemox O-800S 5 minutes
Polish MRE COL-K (NC) 80 minutes

We have selected a CMP process for the final polishing as this uses a chemical action to polish the surface of the components in place of a conventional abrasive type polishing process. This means that there should not be any abrasive in the surface of the Aluminium.

The polishing time is 80 minutes using the set-up that we had available for the parts.

Resulting Ra from this process: Ra 1.647µinch

Before CMP Process

Before Chemical Mechanical Polishing

After CMP Process

After Chemical Mechanical Polishing

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