Abrasive Lapping Paste

Kemet Abrasive Lapping Paste

The Kemet range of specially formulated Lapping Compounds (White Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide) have many applications but are particularly suited for the lapping of mechanical seals and valve seats as they retain texture and lubrication during extended lapping operations.

The main advantages include:

  • Easy to clean - Water soluble
  • Not petroleum based - environmentally friendly
  • Fast & Effective Cutting
  • Good Lubricity
  • Strictly manufactured in house to ISO 9001:2015 Quality standards
  • Only finely graded abrasives used

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Silicon Carbide Lapping Paste

Available in 1kg containers.

Description   Size Code
Silicon Carbide Paste F1200 3 Micron 1 Kg 361547
Silicon Carbide Paste F1000 4.5 Micron 1 Kg 361552
Silicon Carbide Paste F600 9.3 Micron 1 Kg 361514
Silicon Carbide Paste F400 17.3 Micron 1 Kg 361551
Silicon Carbide Paste F360 22.8 Micron 1 Kg 361548
Silicon Carbide Paste F320 29.2 Micron 1 Kg 361558
Silicon Carbide Paste F280 36.5 Micron 1 Kg 361538
Silicon Carbide Paste F220 62 Micron 1 Kg 361550
Silicon Carbide Paste F180 75 Micron 1 Kg 361549
Silicon Carbide Paste F120 109 Micron 1 Kg 361689

White Aluminium Oxide Lapping Paste

Available in 1Kg containers.

Description   Size Code
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F1200 3 Micron 1 Kg 361544
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F1000 4.5 Micron 1 Kg 361624
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F800 6.5 Micron 1 Kg 361545
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F600 9.3 Micron 1 Kg 361543
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F500 12.8 Micron 1 Kg 361546
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F360 22.8 Micron 1 Kg 361542

All other Grit Sizes available upon request

Boron Carbide Paste

Boron Carbide lapping paste is a high performance abrasive with a hardness and chemical resistance comparable to that of diamond. It is ideal for machining hard materials by lapping, sawing or ultrasonic drilling.

Boron carbide is suitable for

Water soluble, available in 1 kg tubs in the following FEPA Grit and Average Micron sizes

Description   Size Code
Boron Carbide Paste F280 37 Micron 1 Kg 361458
Boron Carbide Paste F360 23 Micron 1 Kg  
Boron Carbide Paste F400 17.5 Micron 1 Kg 362022
Boron Carbide Paste F500 13 Kg 1 Kg 300254
Boron Carbide Paste F600 9 Kg 1 Kg 361847