Cut off Wheels and Accessories

Sample preparation cut-off wheels available in various diameters. Wheels are designed to give best possible burr free sectioning. It is recommended that Kemet Universal Fluid for re-circulating cooling systems be used. (Large diameters available on request).

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels

Selecting the right cut-off wheel is important to ensure samples are not burned or distorted and can also save time and money. The most commonly used abrasive cut off wheels are Silicon Carbide (for non-ferrous metals) and Aluminium Oxide (for ferrous metals) Hard wheels are used for cutting soft materials while soft wheels are recommended for cutting harder materials.

Diameter (mm) Arbor (mm) Thickness (mm) Abrasive Type Recommended for cutting Hardness Code
250 32 1.6 Aluminium Oxide Low carbon, mild and extra mild steels, Treated steels with medium cross sections Case hardened steels 20-30 Rc
100-350 HV
300 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590101
350 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590102
250 32 1.6 Aluminium Oxide Treated steels, Stainless steel, Refractory steels, Alloyed Cast Iron 40-55 Rc
300-600 HV
300 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590104
350 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590105
250 32 1.6 Aluminium Oxide Nickel based super alloys, Carburised steels, Treated steels with fragile coatings, Hardened high carbon steels 40-65 Rc
300-600 HV
300 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590107
350 32 2.5 Aluminium Oxide 590108
250 32 1.8 Silicon Carbide Non Ferrous materials, Aluminium & Aluminium alloys, Copper & copper alloys White, Grey and Spheroidal Cast Irons 30-350 HV *
300 32 2 Silicon Carbide *
350 32 2.5 Silicon Carbide *

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels

Diamond Cut off Wheels

Diamond coated sample preparation cut-off wheels available from 75-350mm diameters. Other sizes available on request. It is recommended that Kemet Cutting and Coolant Fluid be used with these wheels.

Type / Materials Diameter Thickness Arbor Code
High concentration Metal Bond for ferrous metals and medium / hard ceramics. 75mm 0.15mm 12.7mm 600017
100mm 0.3mm 12.7mm 600018
125mm 0.4mm 12.7mm 600019
150mm 0.5mm 12.7mm 600026
175mm 0.6mm 12.7mm 600028
200mm 0.8mm 12.7mm 600029
Continuous Rim Diamond Cut off Wheels for Petrography. 100mm 0.4mm 12.7mm 600038
150mm 1.0mm 12.7mm 600044
200mm 1.35mm 12.7mm 600048
250mm 1.35mm 32mm 600049
300mm 1.6mm 32mm 600059
350mm 2.4mm 32mm 600075
Diamond Cut off Wheels

Kemet Dressing Stick

For use with Kemet Cut Off Wheels. Dimensions 1"x1"x6". Product Code: 362240.

dressing stick

Anti Rust Agent

For use with cut off wheels to avoid corrosion or oxidation of machines and specimens. Available in 1 litre and 10 Litre.

Cutting and Coolant Fluid

Kemet Cutting and Coolant Fluid is a mineral oil-free, water-miscible cutting fluid. It creates little foam ensuring that no sticky residue is left.

Kemet Cutting and Coolant Fluid provides excellent corrosion protection and is completely free on nitrate, chlorine and zinc. The optimum mixing temperature is 15-20°C with a recommend mixing concentration of at least 5%.

Advantages of Kemet Cutting and Coolant Fluid

  • Creates little foam
  • Does not leave sticky residue
  • High corrosion protection
  • Excellent wetting and cutting properties
  • Free of nitrate, chlorine and zinc
  • Prevents solubility of cobalt

Supplied in 5 Litre containers. Code - 600096

Cutting and Coolant Fluid