Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids

Kemet offer the finest in biodegradable cleaning fluids. These are specialist formulated concentrated detergents available in neutral, alkaline and acid types. The detergents work in two ways:-

  • Reduces surface tension and intensifies ultrasonic cavitation
  • Dissolves and binds the dirt which has been loosened by the ultrasonics.
Product Description Sizes
TURBO CLEAN (Spray Wash) This is Aluminium and steel cleaner with double the cleaning power. Requires less than half normal volume to provide even quicker, more efficient & effective cleaning. Low foaming and suitable in spray wash/turbo wash machines. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
KEMGOLD KEMGOLD is fast, safe and biodegradable. It is extremely versatile and as well as traditional parts washers found in automotive workshops. It is particularly effective at removing oil, grease, carbon and dirt, without damage to softer metals, seals, plastic and rubber components plus Safe on soft alloys and precious metals. Ideal for hand washing or spray machines and ultrasonic cleaning applications. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
Ultra Sonic 2 Pak Cleaner Two part paint & carbon remover for use on aluminium, reactive & ferrous metals in heated agitator cleaning tanks such as KEMET Ultrasonic cleaner machines. Inhibited, extra strength. 20 Ltr
ROBOT 90 premix liquid This is designed for the removal of rust, oil, paint, grease and carbon in a hot tank solution. Recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
ROBOT 90 powder This is designed for the removal of rust, oil, paint, grease and carbon in a hot tank solution and recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications. 20 Ltr
KEMET BLUE Kemet Blue is a concentrated solution for the effective cleaning of alloys. Good for Auto and light engine carbies (makes them look new again). Recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
KEMGREEN Non-caustic high concentrate cleaner/degreaser ideal in removing grease, oil, grime from car engine parts, and many other places where grease might gather. This powerful detergent to be used at recommended concentration for hand washing or spray machines. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
KEMULTRA KemUltra is a versatile product suitable for a wide range of operations in production engineering. Industrial process cleaning in a wide range of modern equipment including spray, Dip, flood wash and Ultrasonic cleaning. Capable of removing difficult soiled oils, greases, carbon and other metalworking contaminations. 20 Ltr
KEMRINSE KemRinse is a phenol and nitrite free soluble oil. It forms a transparent emulsion. KemRinse is designed to cover the widest range of metalworking operations. Suitable for metal cutting and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including copper and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys including high silicon grades, stainless steel and ceramic materials. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr
KEMET DESCALER An acidic cleaning solution ideal for the removal of lime scale and calcium build up on ferrous and some non- ferrous materials. Also good for passivation and decontamination after certain cleaning applications. 2.5 Ltr
20 Ltr

For further advice on which cleaning solution to use contact our cleaning experts.

Other Cleaning Solutions

Dasty Industrial Degreaser

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, it is a powerful and extremely effective degreasing product.

  • Ideal for thoroughly degreasing all mechanical parts as well as large surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning lapping residue
  • Safe for shipping and contains no ozone depleting chemicals
  • Brings back the original shine effortlessly
  • Easily removes grease, mineral oil, scale etc.
  • Biodegradable
industrial degreaser


A cleaning and degreasing fluid with many of the performance characteristics of 1.1.1 Trichloroethane, but without the ozone depleting properties.

CO-42 cuts through contamination such as lapping and polishing residue, grease, oils and general surface contamination.

CO-42 is relatively quick drying, but not so fast as to leave dried staining on the surfaces of products. The controlled wetting and evaporation properties of CO-42 make it extremely versatile and efficient.

Able to act as an extremely efficient cleaning agent for all metals, most plastics, ceramics, glass and similar materials.


C70 Cleaning solution

Kemet C70 is a solvent cleaning and degreasing fluid with all of the characteristics needed to remove grease, oil and residues from parts. It is supplied in a pressurised container complete with detachable extended spray tube for reaching into the most difficult areas.

  • Highly efficient degreasing solvent
  • Very fast evaporation rate
  • No staining
  • Instantly removes lapping and polishing residue
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile and can be used on all metals, ceramics etc. (Always test small area first)
  • Contains no ozone depleting substances
C70 cleaning solution