Abrasive Cut Off Machines

Wet Abrasive Cutting Machine

Metacut 302

Designed for wet cutting of large and small, regularly or irregularly shaped workpieces of metallic, ceramic or composite materials. METACUT 302 has the capacity to cut solid sections up to 115mm in diameter. The side access port permits the sectioning of extra-long workpieces.

Perfect for a wide range of materials and for heavy duty cutting applications. It combines the two well proven cutting techniques in the same machine:- Available in three main sizes and in automatic and/or manual versions:

  • SERVOCUT 302: Medium Size (cut-off wheel dia. of 250/300 mm with cutting capacity 90/110mm)
  • SERVOCUT 402: Large Size (cut-off wheel dia. of 350/400 mm with cutting capacity 130/150mm)
  • SERVOCUT 502: Very Large Size (cut-off wheel dia. of 450/500 mm with cutting capacity 160/180mm)